Adult Outpatient Treatment

ART, Inc. has licensed programs designed to deliver community-based services at varying intensities of care for chemical dependency and co-occurring needs.  Services include screening, comprehensive assessment, educational services, early intervention services, co-occurring treatment planning, family programs and specialized services for the unique needs of our clients.

All programs begin determining  eligibility for service with a phone interview. During the general admission process the client and an assigned LADC complete and develop an initial service plan.  A Comprehensive Assessment will define personal needs and an individualized treatment plan is developed to address each individual’s needs.

ART provides a wide range of comprehensive services geared to aid our clients’ recovery as well as referral to adjunct programs providing services outside our skills sets. Our assessments and recommendations are provided regardless of whether the client seek services within our program or with a different provider.


ART, Inc. assessments are designed to determine if the use of mood-altering substances constitutes a significant problem. If a substance use disorder, with or without co-occurring conditions, is determined, we also recommend what we believe to be the best course of action to address the issues and outline the resources available to you..

Rule 25 Placement Assessment

The Rule 25 Placement Assessment serves two purposes: if there is a significant substance abuse issue present and whether funding through Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF) is an option.  This fund is managed by each individual’s home county and typically this assessment is provided by their county Human Services Office.  We can help you locate this information for those in need.

Primary Outpatient Treatment

The primary outpatient substance abuse treatment program is designed to help clients focus on their substance use disorder and other co-existing conditions. The goal of the primary outpatient treatment program is to assist individuals to come to terms with their illness while teaching new ways to create positive friendships and relationships as they emerge in recovery.  Relapse Response and Prevention and Reduced Intensity Outpatient Treatment for people returning to the community after receiving care in another location are also part of these services.

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