Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Adolescence is a tumultuous time, bridging childhood to the adult life.  During this time children increasingly move into the world, making decisions on what they believe, what they value, directions in their life and how to define the life they desire.  They develop socially, choosing friendships and acquaintances based on common interests and activities.  They are introduced to increasing opportunities in which to explore their interests.  This is also a time in which many of our students are introduced to mood altering substances.  Throughout middle school and high school they will be exposed to an increasingly complicated chemical environment.

Whether it’s tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, synthetics or hallucinogens, choices regarding whether to use is one of the risks they must manage. 

Some of our young people will struggle with addiction and will need help.  The challenges to adolescence vary significantly from what our adult population faces.  Along with addressing issues directly involved with the usage they face complications such as developing new friendships in recovery, consequences within the community and schools because of their use and the damage in their relationships with family and friends.

The incidents of co-occurring mental illness such as depression or anxiety is very high in this population and requires careful evaluation. 

Our assessment process is designed to develop a treatment structure that addresses identified issues while remaining in the community, maintaining school and family life as normally as possible.

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend families utilize the District 77 Freedom School as an adjunct to the treatment experience. 

School is an integral part of students social life.  A chemically free environment designed to help them be successful academically is a great boon to their recovery efforts.  For further information, please contact our office and consult with our staff.

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