Le Sueur Drug Court

Drug Court

Judge Mark Vandelist, Le Sueur County Drug Court | ART of St. Peter

Judge Mark C. Vandelist, LeSueur County

Judge Mark C. Vandelist, LeSueur County

About Drug Court

Drug Courts are implemented with the mission of reducing crime through the rehabilitation and recovery of drug offenders. Drug Court coordinates the efforts of the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, law enforcement, social services, probation, and treatment specialists to identify and intervene with offenders in order to break the cycle of addiction and crime.


Working in collaboration with judicial, probation, human services and law enforcement, the client and the drug court are involved in a long-term process blending therapy with legal responsibilities to establish and maintain a self-directed recovery. Intensive supervision combined with treatment processes, both chemical dependency and mental health, that varies in intensity according to the client’s needs are the hallmark of this treatment modality.  Under the supervision of the judge the drug court team provides a variety of support resources within the client’s home community, aiding them at establishing a sucsessful chemically-free lifestyle and keeping the community safe.  Lengths of stay vary by person and circumstances but 12 to 18 months in a step down process is not uncommon.


Treatment plan development will take into consideration mental health, living conditions, employment, parenting, and other needs. Weekly staffing will assure the entire team maintains a cohesive effort for the client’s benefit. This program culminates in a graduation ceremony in which the client and all members of the treatment team celebrate the client’s success.