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UNITE to Face Addiction

The UNITE to Face Addiction rally is being organized by Facing Addiction Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis, as well as an independent coalition of national, state, and local non-profit organizations. The vision is to bring together the best resources in the field in order to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year. By building a grassroots constituency to give the millions affected by addiction a voice, they aim to “Rebrand addiction”, increase access to effective treatment and recovery programs, and widely share the proof of long-term recovery.


Addiction Across America

Recovery and Recovery Support – SAMHSA

SAMHSA established the Recovery Support Strategic Initiative to promote partnering with people in recovery from mental and substance use disorders and their family members to guide the behavioral health system and promote individual, program, and system-level approaches that foster health and resilience (including helping individuals with behavioral health needs be well, manage symptoms, and achieve and maintain abstinence); increase housing to support recovery; reduce barriers to employment, education, and other life goals; and secure necessary social supports in their chosen community.


Faces and Voices of Recovery

Faces & Voices of Recovery is dedicated to organizing and mobilizing the over 23 million Americans in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, our families, friends and allies into recovery community organizations and networks, to promote the right and resources to recover through advocacy, education and demonstrating the power and proof of long-term recovery.


Faces and Voices
Minnesota Recovery Connection

Minnesota Recovery Connection

Minnesota Recovery Connection envisions a world where recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is understood, promoted, embraced, and enjoyed and where all who seek it have access to the support, care, and resources they need to achieve long-term recovery.

MRC’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

If you are concerned with a drinking problem, wish to learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous or want to find A.A. near you, we can help you.


Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous(NA) (na.org)

Every addict in the world has the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life.



Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at Al-Anon and Alateen meetings. This worldwide fellowship offers a program of recovery for the families and friends of alcoholics, whether or not the alcoholic recognizes the existence of a drinking problem or seeks help.” Alateen “is part of the Al-Anon fellowship designed for the younger relatives and friends of alcoholics through the teen years”.


Al Anon Family Groups
Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

The term “adult child” is used to describe adults who grew up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes and who exhibit identifiable traits that reveal past abuse or neglect. The group includes adults raised in homes without the presence of alcohol or drugs. Our 30 years of experience has shown that adult children who attend our meetings, work the Twelve Steps, and find a Higher Power experience astonishing improvement in body, mind, and spirit.


Join Together

Join Together is a national project from the Parents for a Drug-Free America group. It offers a collection of the latest studies on substance use, funding opportunities, and news stories from around the USA and rest of the world. It is updated daily.


Central Freedom School

Central Freedom School, District 77 Mankato

The Freedom School is a recovery-based sober school program offered by Central High School, the Alternate Learning Center of District 77, Mankato school district. It is an alternative program for grades 9 through 12 students who are working on establishing a substance free lifestyle. Students continue to learn life skills within the school while they work on credit recovery that may have been damaged in the course of their using.